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Jeff Rudell

Jeff Rudell

President & CFO

Mike Hadlock

Mike Hadlock

Corporate Directory of Information Technology

Valerie Paden

Valerie Paden

Claims and Customer Service Supervisor

Our roots are embedded in the Midwest.

Preferred Health Professionals is native to Kansas City. In 1983, PHP created the first PPO network available for customers in the Kansas City area. Our account management team is located in Overland Park, Kansas. We are close at hand whenever you need us.

“One of the region’s most sought-after PPO network providers.”

Your managed care partner.

We offer customers more choice. Our PPO products include thousands of physicians, in virtually every practice specialty, as well as most hospitals throughout Kansas and Missouri. We help you maximize the value and effectiveness of your managed care health plan, while maintaining quality care for your employees.

“It’s hard to find a provider who ISN’T a participant in one of PHP’s networks.”

Connections matter to us.

We work with employers, carriers, TPAs, brokers and payors to create the best value in PPO products and the best service of any network provider in Kansas and Missouri so that you never need to look anywhere else. Each of our physicians has passed an extensive credentialing and approval process. Likewise, our hospital providers are among the top, quality-leading health systems in the area.

“Great customer service — fewer dropped calls and minimal hold times.”

We provide substantial savings.

We offer some of the deepest provider discounts in the industry. We provide accurate and timely claims repricing. With an accuracy rate of 99% and an average 1.0 day turnaround on claims, no one can match our record of fast, accurate claims resolution.