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Paper Document Conversion Services

Preferred Health Professionals provides services for converting standard and non-standard paper claims to EDI 837 5010 formats including 837D, 837P and 837I. The flexibility of our OCR software allows us to adapt the application to your individual requirements and business rules. We can tailor our extraction procedure to capture and output all fields on a given form or only those fields pertinent to the end user’s process.

Our services eliminate manual data entry of paper claims into your host application, cutting costs and increasing accuracy. By converting paper claims into electronic transactions our client’s enjoy an average turnaround time of one day or less from scan time to EDI file transmission. Enhancing data accuracy through business rules and validation tools the auto adjudication rate increases and manual intervention decreases.

Our process allows you to maintain control of your paper documents and the corresponding electronic images. Clients scan documents at their location directly into our application. If desired, images can be routed back in electronic format. An accompanying file can be sent containing metadata for loading and indexing into your content management system. This file is configurable to your individual needs.

While we specialize in healthcare claim forms, our OCR application is capable of handling virtually any type of paper document. Based on your requirements we can extract data from paper forms and output them in ASCII or XML format. These files can then be mapped to your host application. Alternatively, we can take the extracted data and generate files in other EDI formats (ex. 834) using our translation tool. Additionally, paper documents required for archival purposes but not needing extraction can also be scanned into our application. PaperconversionWe return an electronic image with corresponding index file eliminating paper filling, storage and warehousing costs.

The flexibility and versatility of our paper document conversion services allow you to focus on your core business, minimize need for additional pre-processing staff as your business grows, decrease human errors inherent in manual data entry and speed up turnaround time for your overall process.

Features included:

  • Fully customizable business rules based on your data extraction needs
  • Validation of standard code sets such as ICD, CPT, Place of Service, Modifiers, CDT, Tooth Numbers, Tooth Letters
  • Data validation of States, Dates, Monetary amounts (including balancing line items to totals)
  • NPI check digit validation
  • 837 compliance checks
  • Member and Provider validation from your database information
  • EDI, ASCII or XML output
  • Electronic Images with corresponding metadata file for indexing

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact Preferred Health Professionals' sales team at 913-945-4770 or 1-800-544-3014.

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