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ECP Claim Pricing and Adjudication System


Software as a Service

Cloud-based software allows for online applications to exist as a service rather than a tangible product. Preferred Health Professional’s ECP claims adjudication platform is offered as a complete Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. The SaaS model offers many benefits including simplified deployment, seamless integration and straightforward upgrades. Because it is a cloud-based system, it allows for full scalability and eliminates the need for costly infrastructure and I.T. resources. Therefore, online applications and information are delivered to users as a regulated service over a network.


The ECP claims adjudication platform was built from the ground up with the individual needs of customers in mind. Our business analysts work with you to tailor the system to your specifications. We build a plan design based on your summary plan document or other benefit blueprint. Working closely with your team to develop a platform that maximizes automation and auto-adjudication, adding functionality or enhancing features derived from your business process requirements.


Through our secure, web-based Citrix delivery system ECP is accessible anywhere there is an available internet connection. This model supports your remotely located staff whether working at locations in your company’s hometown or from anywhere across the U.S. and abroad.


Our I.T. department and claims staff are here to support you. Implementation and training is managed by our local representatives. You will also have direct access to a dedicated point of contact. The SaaS model means we handle software upgrades and technical support.
Our claims staff is prepared to assist you with claims overflow during those busy times of the year when volumes spike. The claims staff is also equipped to handle all your claims processing and let you focus on other operational functions.

User Experience

The user interface mimics Microsoft Office 2010 applications providing screen familiarity to the operator and accelerating adaptation to the new application. The interface includes custom display options operators can set for their particular session. Segments of the screen display can be resized to hide or reveal information pertinent to an individual user’s functions. Powerful search capabilities and floating pop-up windows streamline the operator’s experience allowing them to perform multiple tasks without leaving the application or exiting one screen to access another.


The system is configured for HIPAA and ANSI X12 EDI guidelines. Electronic files such as 834’s, 835’s and 837’s are fully supported.
We also offer add-on modules such as OCR (converting paper claims to electronic data) and EDI translation services (generating, converting, sending and receiving ANSI X12 EDI files). Combing ECP, OCR and EDI we offer a full service end-to-end claims processing solution.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact Preferred Health Professionals' sales team at 913-945-4770 or 1-800-544-3014.

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