Cobalt Ventures, LLC offers a range of innovative solutions to strengthen existing health care services. Through our subsidiaries, we offer a comprehensive range of products to address the health care needs of employers and employees, easily and cost-effectively. We embrace fresh ideas, deliver flexible solutions, and develop key partnerships that open the door to incredibly beneficial opportunities.

Our subsidiaries have developed award-winning health care services through a true understanding of how to craft successful models that deliver healthy results for people and partners. Each subsidiary operates autonomously where they compete with similarly targeted providers. This ensures that each have the ability to grow independently and quickly react to market changes. The competitive advantage Cobalt Ventures provides is the ability to leverage advancements in one subsidiary to the benefit of the entire company’s offerings. Many health care providers will be pleased to learn the diverse coverage of solutions they are able to provide.

Cobalt MedPlans specializes in claims processing services to health care plans. We are an outsourcing partner for insurance claims processing for staff augmentation backlog reduction, system conversions and facility consolidation. We serve Blue Cross and Blue Shield, HMO, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and Commercial Health Plans.

When you team with Cobalt MedPlans, you gain a tactical partner and asset to your organization. We have a work force and management team that is highly experienced. We back up our promises with service level guarantees within your specific requirements.

We work from our location by connecting to the client's system via VPN or dedicated network, thus eliminating the need for additional hardware or software expenses. For new clients, Cobalt MedPlans achieves 100% of your performance expectations and quality metrics typically within six to eight weeks.

CompAlliance is dedicated to increasing the quality and value of workers’ compensation services through our PPO network, medical bill review, workflow solutions and case management. Our extensive network of physicians, hospitals, clinics and case management delivers significant savings through quality relationships.

CompAlliance offers the best selection of multi-specialty providers and facilities. We partner with providers that meet our rigorous credentialing criteria. Clearly, our providers are impressed with our network — many of them have become CompAlliance clients. We are a Managed Care Organization committed to your employees’ swift recovery. That’s why we seek out physicians that specialize in occupational medicine... a key factor in the timely return to work of your employees.

CompAlliance is a multi-state, provider-based PPO network. Our network of healthcare providers includes health systems as well as independent specialty practitioners. And our broad geographic coverage assures that you will have a selection of high-quality physicians and facilities nearby to provide prompt service.

New Directions Behavioral Health provides solutions that drive down health care costs and absentee rates, lower risk, and increase productivity. Through our Employee Assistance Program, Health Coaching, Managed Behavioral Healthcare and Performance Solutions, we address employees’ workplace, personal, and lifestyle issues.

As behavior change agents, our core technologies encompass a full range of evidence-based practices and proven success in assisting individuals and organizations find balance and health. We help corporate customers achieve greater employee productivity while giving individuals tools to attain healthier and more balanced lifestyles.

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